Caitlin Horbury

Head of Business Operations

Caitlin is the Head of Business Operations at PCB Partners. In 2018 Caitlin joined Ben Doltis and Tim Farazmand in the start-up of PCB Partners. Leaning on her broad services administration experience, she is today responsible for Project Management, Finance & Operational Governance of the firm. This phase has recently culminated in her key involvement of the high profile Business Launch Group at The Prince’s Trust. Previously Caitlin was at The SJB Group and was heavily involved in the completion and integration phases of the trade sale of the SJB companies to the ManpowerGroup through 2015.

"We have been working with PCB Partners to accelerate our development in the UK. They brought a deep knowledge of the consulting market in the UK, which helped us to accelerate the screening and initiate meaningful conversations with relevant targets. And they added continuously value during the execution of the deal, securing the process until the closing. I look forward working with the team on new opportunities."

Strategic Development Director, Wavestone